jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2015

John Dalton The atomic model

John Dalton

Hinges Eaglesfield, Cumberland, on September 6th, 1766 - Manchester, on July 27th, 1844

The atomic model of Dalton was the first atomic model with scientific bases

The model allowed to clarify for the first time why the chemical substances were reacting in proportions stochiometric fixed why when two substances react to form two or more different compounds the proportions of these relations are integer numbers . In addition the model was clarifying that still existing a great variety of different substances, these could be explained in terms of a rather small quantity of constituent elementary or elements. Reducing a series of complex facts to a combinatorial really simple. The theory Dalton’s hypothesis, which was affirming that the elements in gaseous state were monoatomic and that the atoms of the elements were combining in the minor possible proportion to form atoms of the compounds, generated some difficulties. For example, Dalton thought that the formula of the water was "HO". In consequence of this, they were realized erroneous calculations of the mass and weight of some basic compounds.

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