jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2015

Hans Christian Orsted expert of the electromagnetism

Hans Christian Orsted

(RudkObing, Langeland,  August 14th, 1777 - Copenhagen,  March 9th, 1851)

  He was a physical and chemical Danish influenced by Immanuel Kant's German thought and also by the philosophy of the Nature.

 He was a great expert of the electromagnetism. In 1813 it already predicted the existence of the electromagnetic phenomena, inspiring the later developments of André-Marie Ampère and Faraday, when it observed that a needle magnetize laced in direction parallel to an electrical driver it was turning aside when one was making circulate an electrical current for the driver, demonstrating the existence of a magnetic field concerning every driver crossed by an electrical current, and beginning thereby the study of the electromagnetism. This discovery was crucial in the development of the electricity, since it put in evidence the existing relation between the electricity and the magnetism. He is thought to be the first one in isolating the aluminium

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